Monday, March 14, 2011

Modestus Diko on “The Enslaved Virgin Girl” & “The Philosopher’s Grief”

Modestus Diko is a student of Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ogun State. I had a short chat with this young writer of purpose and immense potentials who recently published The Philosopher’s Grief and The Enslaved Virgin Girl!

What inspired the poems- The Enslaved Virgin Girl & The Philosopher Grief?
 For the enslaved virgin girl, I was inspired when I discovered that many ladies face so much prejudice on their decision to keep their virginity.
 The inspiration for the philosopher's grief came when I was grieved by what was going on in our world, so many atrocities committed against the human race such as injustice, greed, avarice, corruption, depression of the grieved widows, cries of the orphans etc.
What key message are the books sending to the readers?
      The message the philosopher's grief is sending across is for us to rise and correct the evils addressed in the book and put a lasting solution to the problems affecting the human nature. The enslaved virgin girl is strictly to imbibe morals in our young girls, and to reduce youth restiveness.  
What has been your most challenging task as a poet? 
      Wow! My most challenging task is just the fact that I’m a science scholar- as you may know even art scholars and graduates most times find it very difficult to understand poetry not to talk of a poet with a science background.  
How do you combine your science background with your interest with poetry?
      It not that easy, most times I find it difficult. I go the extra mile to understand the meaning of those poetic terms… but what has been helping me is the fact that I have always loved and still love reading poetry, and also with my science background I bring science into poetry.
The Books:
The Enslaved Virgin Girl - is a book with great insight, set to reactivate in youth the blessedness of purity, the worth of the lady’s pride; virtues so long forgotten by many. It is a book which touches the lives of every young lady in order to carry on the legacy of pure wholesome living in our modern society.
The Philospher’s Grief – is a book which awakens our hearts, it helps us discover our purpose and potentials of life, cultivates our thoughts and feelings towards others, believing in our dreams, touching lives and inspiring others

The Launch at Terra Kulture! (While you are there...stop by at the Bookstore and buy a copy of "Preserve my Saltiness.")
It is scheduled to hold on the 25th of  March 2011, by 11a.m and venue is Terra Kulture Plot 1376 Tiamiyu Savage Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.
The Philosopher's Grief will be reviewed by Mr Chude Jideonwo of the Future Project while I will be reviewing The Enslaved Virgin Girl,.The purpose of the launch is to promote a healthy reading culture amongst the youths.

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