Wednesday, March 09, 2011

R is for REGISTER. S is for SELECT #RSVP

For all those who successfully registered for the 2011 Elections,
despite the ups and downs of the registration exercise-congratulations
again! The April elections are right around the corner. It is legit to
say we are now at the phase of deliberately selecting the candidates
whom we think ought to represent us.

When it comes to selecting the government leaders, the strong opinion
of others might influence our choices but after casting the vote
during election, we’ll all bear the brunt of our decision. So please
select wisely!

Have you been able to successfully participate in any town hall
meeting with the candidates at the different leadership level? What is
your opinion about the current campaign strategy? And their proposed
manifestos? Some politicians have been accused of plagiarizing each
other’s manifestos. How far can they keep up with the charade?

The “What About Us?” Presidential Debate
(Press Release): Building on the momentum from a mass voter
registration drive, a coalition of several youth empowerment groups,
and blogs, including Vote or Quench, Enough is Enough Nigeria, Sleeves
Up and Nigeria Leadership Initiative, are calling for the first-ever
presidential youth centered debate in Nigeria. Looking ahead to the
April elections, the debate would focus on the key issues affecting a
critical voting demographic, with the age group of 30 and under
representing 70% of the population.

The debate will be a direct conversation with Nigerian youth, inviting
presidential candidates to answer questions posed by young Nigerians,
at home and abroad via social media networks including FaceBook and
Twitter, text message and phone, about key topics of concern. For the
first time, the candidates will have a platform to share their agenda
with the nation in a live-televised format, laying out specific and
concrete solutions. The debate is tentatively scheduled for the last
week of March, 2011.

“It is easy for politicians to promise change without having a clue
about the realities Nigerian youth face every day. However, we know
that their decisions now will largely determine our future so we want
to know where they stand. This time around, we are engaged aware and
empowered and believe that our vote should be earned and not
expected.” The group said in a joint statement.

The group’s mission started on January 11th, 2011, with the
#IfNaijaVotes donate your status initiative, prompting Nigerians
across the globe to voice their predictions on the nation’s prospects
if free and fair elections are held. The group now seeks to further
educate the Nigerian youth on the missions and motives of presidential
aspirants and will continue to collaborate on various initiatives to
drive voter awareness and participation. More details can be found on or FaceBook page: Or email

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