Sunday, April 03, 2011

April is here, Nigerians! #RSVP #Cool2vote #NigeriaDecides


Today I was thinking a lot about my hair. Reflecting on how long it has grown within the past 4 years- shoulder length and still growing! Actually, I remember when I started growing it again- it was during the May 29th inaugural ceremony of late President Musa Yar’adua. The successful transition of government had been so inspiring that it led me to apply the first Relaxer to my hair. Others popped champagne, maybe. But for me, it was taking the giant leap of letting my Afro into a ponytail!

Like it was four years ago, I am thinking metaphorically again. Except now, my hair these past few weeks had been badly damaged by artificial application of hair Relaxer. Or maybe it is the harsh weather? Anyway, as I stated earlier, I am thinking about chopping my hair off, again. And then growing it all natural. So as everyone count down to April 2nd when we would officially kick off the election process in Nigeria, I am counting down to the new experience of starting afresh.
Is that not what we need in Nigeria today? A fresh start? It does not matter who you will be voting for come April 2nd, 9th and 16th, the key thing is to be sure we are voting with our head and heart and not just with our stomach. We should not allow tribalism, ethnocentrism and all the other -ism in our society influence our choice of candidates. 
Of what use will it be if we all go out and vote for a particular person to be our government leader if it will result to more youths pounding the pavement for the next four years while the rest of the public wink in darkness?
I don’t know about you but I am tired of applying quick fix-it to my damaged hair. So I am just going to chop it all off and give it a fresh start. Yes, we should allow ourselves go beyond our comfort zone to get what we really deserve.
And just in case you are yet to decide whether to vote or not- if you don’t vote then you loose the power to really effect the change you want to see in Nigerian leadership system. You will also loose the right to complain, if anything goes wrong. And the most shameful of all is that you will loose the privilege to perform your civic responsibility as a Nigerian.
Don’t be a stranger, go out and vote and give Nigeria an opportunity to start afresh! Share your experience at the poll:,,  REPORT whoever want you to sell your VOTE now! TEXT/SMS- 08135328466

0705350XXXX: "I pray for God deliverance in Taraba from the evil of PDP and Danbaba Family. The Confusion among them show they will be defeated by ACN Candidate Sen Joel Danlami IKenya by God's  grace in absence of PDP ringing he will be the next Govenor of Taraba State." Thoma Agbu Jnr

0807494XXXX : "Jennifer I sincerely appreciate your courgae for the nation. Just keep it up. Thank you." Fred 

0703866XXXX: "Analytically, I foresee Goodluck Jonathan loosing Delta State. This is because of his involvement in the choice making of deltans (great ogboru)" Ojumah Lucky, Delta State

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