Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Firm Unity. A Strong purpose. An Unshakable Determination

Did President Goodluck Jonathan’s inauguration ignite a sense of belonging and optimism in you last week? Were you swayed from the position of “siddon look” and cynical cheer into really thinking “Yes we can!”? I got the opportunity to read the transcript of his speech again and reflect on the message he was passing on to us, compatriots.

This is not an article to dissect the content of his speech. However, like I would bookmark interesting paragraphs or lines in any book I read, I took out time to highlight some of the things that stood out to me in his speech.

First off, President Goodluck did not sound like he is going to solve all the problems and challenges in Nigeria overnight. Thank God! However, he pledged to fight for a transformed system and emphasized on the need for more collaboration and partnership. 

Mr. President understands that we are in an Era of global interconnectivity and intends to apply this strategy to local issues. He says, “hey! If we want Nigeria to work, we have to do this together. Don’t just sit there and think I have a magic wand I am going to spin to solve our challenges.” (Well, he did not really say that, but that is my interpretation).

For many years, a lot of people trapped themselves into believing that government leaders have all the solutions. We need to change our orientation and continually develop ourselves- knowledge and capacity. You see, as Mr. President noted, “being a Nigerian is a blessing. It is also a great responsibility.” We (including leaders at all levels) need to continually build our skills to effectively and efficiently develop and implement innovative ideas needed to transform Nigeria.

He reminded us that Nigeria is “a land of justice, opportunity and plenty.” But it seems only 1% to 10% of people control and enjoys these resources. But Mr. President cautions that we stop the pity party- “the time for lamentation is over. This is the era of transformation.”
How can we turn the pyramid of our Nation’s wealth over, for more people to begin to enjoy the so much talked about wealth?

Mr. President promise to start local before taking it global- “unite our nation and improve the living standards of all our people whether in the North or in the South; in the East or in the West.  We will not allow anyone exploit differences in creed or tongue, to set us one against another.” And then “form technical and financial partnerships with global businesses and organizations.”

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