Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Rope and A Ceiling

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It was after work hour. I rushed out of my office, towards the train station. Like me, many people were heading home. I looked at the faces of the people around me. It is an unconscious habit I picked up over the past months. Looking at the expression on people’s faces, trying to decipher what could be going through their head… it is a mind game, to kill the minutes as we all wait for the ride home.
That evening, everyone looked the same- tired after a hard day’s job. The rush hour and train delay did not help matters. Everyone was eager to get on board as early as possible before the station got too crowded. The more crowded it is, the less likely you would get a seat on board.  
That evening, the transport system was unusually slow. The delay was worse on the red line, Shady Grove towards Silver Spring station. But commuters were not left to wonder what was causing the disruption. My phone beeped to reaffirm the announcement booming from the station’s intercom. Reading the SMS from “Alert DC”- The subway service apologized for the delay in running regular hour. According to them, a man had jumped in front of one of the trains- yes he committed suicide.
I was disheartened by the news. Why will anyone just take his or her own life? Nothing could justify such action.  Even in the midst of high depression, debt, poverty, whatever it is… I do not think it justifies the action of any man to spit on God’s face and take his or her own life.
Last week, it was not a news about a man jumping in front of a train that made a lot of people raise their eyebrow at the high rate of suicide in our society, but the story of a 26year-Old ex-banker who was found hanging on the ceiling of her sister’s home in Lagos.
The story went viral on the Internet. According to the report, the young lady, Motunrayo Ogbara, committed suicide after being jilted by her boyfriend, amidst other challenging circumstances she was going through. But her life was not as miserable. She was a graduate of Economics from the University of Lagos. Perhaps she needed to have seen her life through a more positive eye.
It is true that as our faces are different so are the challenges each and every one of us is facing. But I do not think any magnitude of challenge is enough for anyone to take his or her own life. If you are currently going through a form of depression or know anyone who is, please advice such person to seek psychological help or counselling.  Say no to suicide. Don’t allow anyone push you over the cliff either. Love life and live.

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