Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What is Youth Leadership? #CrowdOutAIDS @UNAIDS #youth

How do you define youth Leadership? Here are some insightful answers from young people via FaceBook status:
Akachukwu Nnaemeka Okafor : Responsibility today in all respects to be better Leaders today and for the future!
Grace Ihejiamaizu : It means a lot, but basically for me it is recognizing challenges and developing problem-solving ideas to make a difference!
Ayo Abiola : Leadership is showing commitment to values that are generally accepted to bring positive change. Wherein, such commitment is visible in your action, speech and attitude such that others may be do likewise.
Chris Ehidiamen : leadership has to do with character, vision, service, responsibility, timing and luck!

Fasasi Adedeji Yusuff : A comitment to serve dedicatedly,accepting responsibilities,giving hope to the hopeless,lending a helping hand where most denies it.and above all giving a reason that the future will be brigth no matter the current situations.These ar what leadership means to me.
Oni Gbenga Isaac : Hmmm!....Its inspiring others wit ur creative problem solving ideas, while acquiring skills, that would place u on the edge among ur equal in the future!
Okuntade Tope : The definition? functions, qualities and effects should be traced and defined via the Habitat" of termite!! (leadership). Ants has no leadership but work-hand-in-hand to achieve their respective aim (prov 6:6). I'll define leadership as a distinctive xteristic or trait or attributes which can unbiasely direct a colony positively.
Maple Tammy Dappa : To me it means to bear an 'old head' on my young shoulders.
Douglas van Imaralu : Service 
Adeyemi Oladotun Yussuf Shouldering responsibilities and being a good example through actions and not speeches

Oluwa-Remmylekun Alex Ojekunle Empowering ur fellow youth with selfless services.

Thanks to everyone who shared their views!

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