Sunday, January 08, 2012

Fuel Subsidy Removal: It is NOT all about us! #OccupyNigeria

I read a ridiculous comment on Twitter that some people are more concern about trending on the social network and being featured on CNN than what they are protesting about.
Good call. But not true.
Nigerians are protesting against Nigeria Government leader’s greed and insensitivity. Well, at least that is why I support the #OccupyNigeria movement.
We can’t continue to sit on our hands and watch as things fall apart.

Wahab, a protester, expresses it better:
“I am tired of a sick, anti-people and visionless government. I am tired of a government that harbours corruption and wants a feeble populace to carry the burden of corrupt and ineptitudes of some selected few.
I would protest because I have never and would never trust this government.
I would protest because my government plan to kill my people in mass with one ordinary policy. I would protest for my future I would protest for my children and I would protest for the good people of Nigeria.

In spite of his passion to protest, Wahab agrees that the removal of fuel subsidy is not a bad idea

He says, “Yes I know so well. But when you don’t trust your government and when you look back and find out that nothing has worked in the past…”
Enough is Enough!

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