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When should job-oriented learning start? via @efareport

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A few months ago, all fired up to change the way things work in the education sector in my country, my friends and I set up a project called “Before Graduation.” Our vision was basically to connect youth education to internship opportunities and contribute to the emergence of a skilled, employable and entrepreneurial generation of youth.

The project was not an easy feat.

We soon realize that the demand for internship opportunities was more than the actual available positions. Young people were willing to learn soft skills and practice the theory they are taught in schools. They wanted to experience first-hand the reality of the industry they will eventually serve in after graduation. But there were just no space.

I personally believe that every young people should be given an opportunity to experience hands-on education before graduation. This could be in form of short-term internship. These are one of the ways to kick-start a job-oriented learning and allow young people acquire communication, time-management and leadership skills in their chosen field of endeavour.

Corporate organizations, NGOs and government institutions should open up more internship opportunities for young people- high school graduates and college students, at the national, state, regional and local (grassroots) level.

When should job-oriented learning start? Right now, before graduation. Young people can learn as much by doing! It is never too early to learn on the job.
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