Wednesday, June 06, 2012

The Influence- Chapter Two

The influence of motivation on Journalist's productivity. That is the topic of my thesis :-) I'm so excited about it. I initially picked something on social media and its influence on readership pattern of youth.

"Media Organisation Management"- a course I took last semester- stirred my interest in carrying out a further study on how the management structure of a media organization affects the productivity level of Nigerian Journalists.

The productivity level of a journalist is measured by his/her job performance. Often, we hear journalists complain that they are poorly paid. But they stay on the job anyway. Are they really poorly paid? What else motivates them to stay on? What demotivates them? Is monetary reward important? Maybe appreciation and recognition? Maybe not? What are the critical issues media organizations should be addressing if they want the best out of journalists?

I am looking forward to the next couple of weeks of study, study and more study. Theories, case study et al.

Trust me, I am taking the media junkie's tips on writing a good academic essay to heart :-) Chapter two, chapter four and five should come off easily, once you get past chapter one of course!

 :-) Just musing 

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