Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Re: Omawumi's If you ask me [I'm your mother but we share the same father]

Recently, my brother played Omawumi's "If you ask me" and we had some long conversation on what kind of father will so abuse his daughter. While thinking aloud, he started the first seven lines in what I've laid out as a poem below. I added the remaining seven.

Imaginary: The abused girl is making sense of her predicament, explaining to her inquisitive child why grandpa is also "daddy,"

I am your mother
but also your sister.
We share the same father.

I mean,
Your grandfather is your father.
Your grandmother is your step-mother,
and your aunties are your step-sisters.
Only the word cousins make sense in this nonsense.
We are one big happy family to the world.

Don't grieve with me,
my world caved in
the night it all began.
All nights are like the first night,
It will remain so because I have no voice.

The Music By Omawumi

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Segun Akiode said...

...interesting poem, I must add :D