Monday, October 01, 2012

I was told there'll be injera (flatbread) #Ethiopia

Thanks to @Abocco's recommendation, I found my way to one of the popular cultural restaurants in Addis- Yod Abyssinia. It was good to savour one of Ethiopia's staple food- Injera. The music was soothing to my ears and the dance, a sight for sore eyes. Philip has been a great help making me feel at home in Addis. A big shout out to the one who found me a home.

Yes- settling in as a GPI trainer-- Global Press Institute, in Addis- volunteering at Nike Foundation's GirlHub initiative-- the first big assignment is to recruit girls (15 to 25yrs) who would serve as GPI's development communicators for the upcoming Yegna Girl Ambassador program and produce local contents (all in Amharic language) in audio, video, photo and news feature format.

The Yegna girl ambassador program is an innovative development communications platform that will elevate the voices of girls across Ethiopia.

The Honeymoon stage
I am excited about the next couple of months. The team at GPI news desk, Nike foundation/GirlHub/DFID and EEEP Addis are so terrific. I feel so blessed. I know, there is still so much work to do! The challenges ahead will be great stepping stones. 

Trying to activate the work hard-play hard mode. 

First impression
Most of what I heard/read about Ethiopia before heading down here are so wrong. I read an article online that said I cannot post update on blogger or use skype because Ethiopian government blocked these sites. I do not know where people get the information they post online... so many misconception about this country out there! The people dress civilize. I have met very friendly ones. Right from the airport- a stranger offered his phone to help me make a call :-) And yes, Amharic is the official language but some do speak English.

The system here looks sane to me. Well, people "catwalk" when crossing the road- can I classify that as sane? :-) According to Tariku, when it comes to crossing the streets/roads "the cars are afraid of people. The people are not afraid of cars."

There is stable electricity. If only Nigeria's power sector can be this efficient... :-) ! 

Okay, to be fair- it is not all rosy in Ethiopia, I will try not to moan about the slow internet connection. Or the stifled press freedom. I also wish the government will try to do more in developing its human resource... how can you wipe out poverty without developing the human capital?

That is a quick update... time to head back to work! And oh! HAPPY 52nd Independence Anniversary Nigeria! God dey!!

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