Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Portrait of an extraordinary man [Nelson Mandela]

Nelson Mandela, Portrait of an extraordinary man by Richard Stengel. I have been reading this book. Actually just a few pages away from the last chapter.
I like the book. It basically shares insight into Mandela's extraordinary life. The author is not pretentious in his narration. He did not make Mandela appear like some saint. But his strengths and weaknesses were portrayed in the same tone.
What I do not get though is how some traits that are usually frowned upon in a "normal" society sound acceptable and extraordinarily "sexy" because it is Mandela exhibiting those traits.
Well, I guess that story is for Stengel to tell. Our role is to read and be inspired to be more and do more! I totally enjoyed this book. If you haven't read it, now you know- it is worth the read!

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