Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Advice to potential investors or #entrepreneurs

Mr Audu Sani, an entrepreneur based in Lafia, compares the process of starting a business to eating an apple... :-)

Advice to potential investors or entrepreneurs
Sani: People invest in businesses and after a few years pack up. You don’t just venture into business and expect to start making money. In this town, I have seen a lot of businesses come up and fold up- I have seen people open shop and close up. When we go into business, we should not expect to see profit immediately. That is where our people loose focus. When you start up a business, you should have a plan B. Plan B is where you can now be getting funds to feed yourself and family. Whatever business you start, it needs to be nurtured. It is like the Apple. You know when you want to enjoy your apple, you don’t just buy your apple and start eating it. You will not enjoy it. When you buy the apple, you wash it. If possible, if you are not allergic to cold, you will freeze it. Then, you wait. When it is chilled, you bring it out. Then you place it on a saucer, pick a knife and gradually cut and enjoy it. You don’t just buy the apple and bite it. How do you chew it? It becomes a problem. What I advice is when we invest into a business, take enough time to nurture that business, watch it carefully. Look at the result. Listen to the feedback, whether it is positive or negative. Most people don’t even watch business programmes on TV, they find it boring, they prefer movies. There is nothing wrong with it. But these are things that can help out. So that when the business has any challenge you’ll have the patience to tackle it.

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