Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Pharmacist Usman Sambo, a local pharmacist based in North-central Nigeria, sheds light on the reality of operating a health related venture- highlighting the opportunities and challenges facing a local pharmaceutical company. Despite operating in one of Nigeria’s youngest states that was once ranked 7th easiest place to start business in Nigeria, Sambo says there are still many obstacles hindering entrepreneurial growth in the state amidst the opportunities.

Here is the one-on-one interview held in his office based in Lafia, Nasarawa state. 

 Pharmacist Usman Sambo, launched his business, Eternity Pharmaceuticals Limited, in Lafia Nasarawa State in 2011. This was after 20 years of serving as a Civil Servant in a government parastatal. Sambo says, he started his business out of necessity. Starting Up I am not very good at buying and selling even though I am a pharmacist. I always believe that service to humanity is the best work of life. I worked in [public service] right from the time I graduated in 1979 up to the time I was retired in 2007. I would say it is necessity, which they say is the mother of invention, that made me launch my business. Initially I started with consultancy. Unfortunately I wasn’t getting much job. And I’m not used to sitting down at home doing nothing. So I felt since I am a pharmacist, I should be able to establish a business. I’m hoping that this will catapult me into opening a pharmaceutical manufacturing unit. . - See more at: http://ruralreporters.com/exploring-the-untapped-potential-in-local-pharmaceutical-sector/ | Rural Reporters

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