Tuesday, September 05, 2006


My third day in Calabar, a neat city/town. Okay, two things I have always been told about Calabar:

  1. The town is NEAT and the Governor has done a lot= True
  2. Old/elderly women here love to dress in skirt and not wrapper= True. At least, the ones I have seen are smartly all dressed in skirt...lol.

Okay.... what else????????? will have to run off now.... dis cyber cafe is so slow...I mean the server/ISP... will talk more l8tr.


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Anonymous said...

Calabar is a place to be. I live in CAlabar for 22 yrs now and when I left for Abuja Via air route I realised that Calabar is indeed beautiful and endowed with lovely natural vegetation.
The Governmemt headed by a dynimic and reformed leader in the Person of Mr Donald Duke has added the much needed 'touch' to the state where it now becomes the leading State in Tourism in the Country. Come back if you have left. Thanks
Esther Agbarakwe