Friday, September 01, 2006

Happy New Month!

Its september everyone! A beautiful month indeed. A new door of opportunity and possibility is opened, we must tap into that grace of God that makes a man function without struggle, excel and shine on.

Enjoy this new begining, live, laugh, achieve, sow and reap! You are more than you have become and the best is yet to come!!!

I need to know

I hunger to know more
When I lay my head at night
I hunger to know more

When I wake up in the morn’
I praise and worship with my Bible
Searching hungrily to know more

To know how to give without remembering
And take without ever forgetting
To know how to keep the friends I make
And not break the chain

To know to in wisdom grow
In stature and in wealth
To know how to shine on in peace
Without blowing out others’ beam

I am not where I used to be
But certainly not where I want to be
So I need to know as muchas my hungry mind can take

(C) Jennifer Ehidiamen - culled from "The Dancing flood"

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