Tuesday, July 03, 2007

We are youths of today, the leaders of tomorrow, yet we have no effective voice on issues that concerns us. Those that represent us at the government level are not accessible. We are victims of political, economic, cultural, social and religious discrimination. We are denied good and qualitative education and those coming after us have stopped trusting our educational system. But for the sake of our tomorrow, these things have to change. Society has to change and working out exactly how we can change it is crucial.
First we need to identify the issues and create for ourselves an enabling environment that will challenge us to take creative initiative to make a positive difference and impact our society. We don’t want to see ourselves in the future as tired and greedy politicians, economists, inventors or orators, thus the need to discover early in life how to reverse this string of gloom threatening to befall our generation. We need to look beyond mere gain to really making efforts in doing things that will have resounding impact in days to come.
A story is told about two brothers who come from a home where nothing works. Raised by a detached father who spends his time and all he earned on beer-parlor in company of several bottles of beer. Adamu and Mustapha grew up knowing nothing else but poverty, failure and violence until they became of age. Fifteen years later, Adamu turned out a replica of their father while Mustapha followed an opposite direction. When asked what became of them, Adamu between gulps of beer replied in a drunken voice “can’t you see I was raised by a drunkard, how else you expected me to turn out?”. Mustapha on the other hand cleared his voice, like a gentleman, straightened his impeccable designer’s suit and replied “You see, I was raised by a drunkard but I could not afford to turn out like him”.
Youth of today must be careful not to turn out like Adamu who chose to become a failure and blame his father for his misfortune, instead we should aspire like Mustapha and use our obstacles as stepping stones, turning the failures around us into motivation and self develop ourselves where possible. Are you worried about the future? Share your fears with a positive confidant and work out a solution. Are you afraid that you are not living up to expectation? The fact that you are aware of this means you have the power to change your situation, make the changes you think needs to be made. Nobody is saying the road ahead is easy but with hard work and perseverance, success is certain.
We live in a country where everything does not work just yet but this should not hinder us from working hard to become assets and solutions instead of compounding the problem. Our society is aware that it is part of our responsibility to sustain and protect our future. We are important, think and act positive for a change. Start preparing for the future, the future belongs to those who prepare for it. Don’t give up on life, keep moving with a purpose!

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