Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Do you know of someone who has ever been described as a typical Nigerian girl? Well, you may be fascinated by the new trend of this generation talks that now refer to some Nigerian girls as “Nigerian by looks but Italian by character” or “Nigerian girl with a British mind” or “Nigerian body with an American Taste”.

I stumbled on this trail of gist once in England , where I met a Nigerian-American guy who gave an interesting definition of a typical Nigerian girl. A few weeks back, this same issue was again raised by another male friend back home and interestingly, their geographical location have a lot to play in their perspective on this issue.

Hear this:
Nigerian-American brother defines a typical Nigerian girl as one with a strong fighting spirit and strong-will, a never give up personality. One who does not just sit and watch things stand-still when she can move them to her advantage.

In a nutshell, I ask, does that mean this is how our sisters in America trying hard to keep to their roots behave?

Brother in Nigeria ( Lagos ) defines a typical Nigerian girl as the one who loves being lied to. For instance, ask any brother the easiest way to “catch” a Nigerian girl and he will tell you to simply lie to her.

This is a hard nut. I know Lagos girls to be smart, how come they fall for lies brothers tell? You mean a girl will rather date a “poor” guy who looks rich and claims so even with glaring tell-tale signs telling otherwise?

Now putting the two definitions together, you may get this: a typical Nigerian girl is one with a strong-will to love lies a brother tell…

I do not think this is right about us sisters. But I take succor in the fact that these brothers classified their definitions as a typical Nigerian girl and not The Typical Nigerian girl. Moreover, hope these brothers have not forgotten that Nigeria is a very big place. Young girls from the North certainly do not share the same qualities with ones from the south. So where do we start from?

I was however excited to hear that a typical Nigerian guy of present generation is one who is trying hard to be himself irrespective of what people say or think. Should we then totally agree on this if it is on the right note?

How will you define a typical Nigerian girl or boy? Can they really be defined even though we are all different yet the same? It will be interesting to have the real Nigerian gals and guys define themselves or better still, who is the typical Nigerian girl or boy? Are you one of those often referred to as “Nigerian by looks but Italian by character” or “Nigerian girl with a British mind” or “Nigerian body with an American Taste” Send us your thoughts to share them with the world.

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