Thursday, July 26, 2007

Holiday job....

Thank God! I have successfully completed, or rather in the process of putting finishing touches to my one month holiday Job in VSO Abuja. It has been a very enjoyable challenge working as a data collection/review consultant. I have gained some valuable experience over these past days here and I am most thankful to God almighty who keeps opening doors of opportunities to do great exploits for His glory!

School resumes this week... lets see what Nigerian Institute of Journalism have got in store for this new semester! Whatever the weather, we will shine on for God! The best is yet to come by God's grace! Keep your dreams alive!!!

....Going into unfamiliar territory will not destroy your old, comfortable world. Rather, it will expand your world, your vision, your knowledge and your possibilities. The next time you come across a road that you've never traveled -- whether it is an idea, a person, a belief system, or an actual road -- take a side trip and make your world a bigger, more interesting place.

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