Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Are you attending Ezniras Clothes Swap (Christmas edition)?

I just got this info and thought I should share :)

Ezniras Clothes Swap will hold on the 18th of December, just in time for you to swap and get fabulous clothes for the holiday!

How it works:
1) Each person drops off a minimum of 5 items from their wardrobes at our drop off spot which is at FALOMO SHOPPING CENTRE, BLOCK B, SHOP 2A, IKOYI before the 18th of Dec.
2) You get to swap as many items as you bring, so if you bring 10 you swap for 10
3) For this edition swapping is just for girls.
4)You will definitely find clothes that fit you because I already have people from size 6 to size18 who will be swapping
5) Items are 'interswapable', so the fact that you brought only bags doesn't mean you can't swap them for tops.
6) Please ensure that the clothes or items you bring are in very good condition I.e have only been worn once or twice or still have tags on them.
7) If you can't get your things to us before the swap date, we will still accept them on that day. But you would have to come early
8) On the day of the Swap clothes will Hung up and arranged just like a boutique.
* we reserve the right to reject clothes which are torn, faded, dirty or generally in bad condition.
Date : December 18th, 2011
Venue: Falomo Shopping Centre, Block B Shop 2a, Ikoyi Lagos NIGERIA
Time: From 12pm
Gate Fee: #500
For more information call Uchechi on 08033791809. Zainab 08099285661 or send an e.mail to

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