Tuesday, December 06, 2011

A to Z thoughts on Education Issues

A: At the moment things are looking very bleak

B: But we can’t just throw in the towel and give up

C: Can we think of a more creative ways to tackle youth unemployment?

D: Decisions have to be made, by individuals and government leaders

E: Experiential learning needs to be added to our curriculum to boost employability

F: Failure to realize that classroom education alone is not enough will keep throwing us back to square one

G: Government leaders need to allocate more budgets to Education- formal education and informal education alike  to meet the challenges facing today’s education system

H: How do we ensure that the money allocated for education is directly spent on the right projects?

I: Individuals must take up the watch-dog role of keeping the government leaders accountable

J: Judging by the way things are, we have been too complacent for too long

K: Keep in mind that what affects us today have a rippling effect on generations to come

L:  Lagos state (Nigeria) just adopted a no child left behind policy to ensure all children have access to education. Other states can take a cue from this

M: Marginalized youth, youth with disability and children of the extremely poor must not be left behind

N: No child must be left. This is not a cliché

O: other factors militating against the implementation of such policies must be tackled head-on

P: Policies on education should go beyond paper work. Implementation is key

Q: Qualitative education must never be compromised by government, teachers, parents and students. But what is qualitative education?

R: Remember the changes we want to see in the education system cannot be realized unless we all play our part

S: Several people know what is wrong with the education system. Now is the time to start thinking solutions

T: The bedrock of the development of every nation starts with qualitative education

U: UNESCO should not be left alone to tackle the challenges of universal access to education, it is everybody’s business

V: Verify the education situation in your country to know how to speak out

W:  When we talk about education, it goes beyond classroom learning

X: X-ray the caliber of people who are championing the education system. Are they tired old policy makers and ministers?

Y: Youth empowerment is vital for youth employability

Z:  Zealously seeking solutions to the problems of education is my business, as well as yours. What do you think?

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