Saturday, August 25, 2012


African Change makers, Civil Societies, Governments, Socially Responsible Corporate Firms and Development Partners (Donors, Philanthropists & other agencies) can now showcase social development projects and its verified impacts on Development Diaries™.

With its correspondents well-positioned across Africa, Development Diaries™ extensively covers Africa’s development stories, news and trends in the five (5) official languages of the African Union.

Here’s how to get involved: 

1. Is your project touching lives and/or making remarkable impacts?

2. Are you a Social Crusader or Change Agent worthy of making the African Impact Maker page?

3. Does your organisation, agency, company or government has impressive & verifiable track record and qualifies for a Development Medal?

4. Do you have News, Information or event targeted at the development sector?

5. Do you have an article that can feature on the following blogs?

· ADVANCING SOCIAL IMPACT: Leading practitioners share actionable, insightful tips intended for immediate use by organizations seeking to expand impact and meet mission.

· BUSINESS MODELS: Exploring the latest trends, approaches, examples of how to build sustainable, robust and scalable business models that effectively drive social impact.

· SOCIAL ECONOMY: Advocates ideas to accelerate the arrival of a more social economy, increase social investment and assist social entrepreneurs.

· 3RD SECTOR: Latest trends, approaches, examples and general musings on how to manage resources to generate the greatest positive impact possible.

If your response to any of the above is YES, then send an email to 

To register as a volunteer correspondent, send a Letter of Intent to: 


Development programs promote complex reforms and change processes. Such processes are often characterized by insecurity and unpredictability, posing a big challenge to the evaluation of development projects. Development Diaries was strategically designed to pioneer objective analysis of social development trends; showcase change-makers and understand which projects work, why, under which conditions in Africa. On the other hand, it gives insights, share best practises and offers its viewers a unique approach to a wide spectrum of topics and social issues.

This is a one-stop resource on the African third sector. This online portal, spotlights on development activities; non-profit industry and government projects, interventions from corporate bodies and international development partners vis-à-vis the achieved impacts.

Development Diaries™ creates a platform that employs the grassroots from different backgrounds to comment, share information and confirm the authenticity of development interventions in their neighbourhood; hence, establishing a dynamic structure for inter-cutting voice and accountability process with reference to the grassroots involvement in the activities of development stakeholders.


Development Diaries™ is a joint initiative of ImpactHouse International and A’Lime Media.

ImpactHouse International is a frontline social entrepreneurial and media initiative borne out of in-depth passion to pioneer sustainable development in Africa. ImpactHouse focuses on redefining Management, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Social Development as it relates to the non-state sector in Africa.

 A'Lime Media is a media strategy, production and advocacy firm, primarily targeted at presenting brands, individuals, projects, initiatives and causes in a refreshingly different way by employing the most innovative strategies through the use of the highest standards and media technologies.

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