Thursday, August 02, 2012

Bootstrapping: Entrepreneurship from a youth perspective

Make excellence a habit. Excellence is an international currency of the 21st century. When you set out into a world of being successful, you change your values and attitude.

Entrepreneurship is hard work.

Strive for Excellence - no room for error. Draw strength from yourself because it will get very lonely.

Communication - learn how to talk and be listened to. You need to learn to talk properly so that people can listen to you when you talk. If you want to effect change, you need to learn to be an orator. Speak with passion.

Exercise: Write 10 most important value in your life. Point out one most important one that is indispensable. Let these values guide you.

Learn to listen to yourself. When you consult, meet people with similar experience.

Feed yourself with news. Something that will keep you ahead.

Perception- the meaning you give to an issue.

Communication goes beyond talking. It includes your dressing, body language etc.

NO- Don't cry over people's no. As an entrepreneur, learn to convert these no to a YES by:
  • Changing their mental pattern and resistance.
  • Ask them questions that will make them say yes
  • Break down their resistance by being interested in them
Learn to impact and persuade people.

Side Note: Successful people think on pen and paper.

Relationship: Your ability to create and maintain relationship and your ability to think outside the box are two things you must never let go. Learn the power to network upward and downward and spread.

Service: Look for what people need and create it. BE READY TO SERVE.

(Notes from 2008 lecture).

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Kirby A-Manager, said...

Leadership is about responsbility. What a difference this will be if most leaders in the world knew and accepted this, especially those in Africa and other parts of the world, who see leadership as mere status.