Monday, August 13, 2012

Nigerian Youths: Our will, Our Way by Ashogbon Adenike

We are young, hale and hearty. We are youths, the future leaders of tomorrow.  We can question people in authority if found wanting, we are meant to be role models to the younger generation. 

But of what use are we, if our impact is not positively felt in our mother-land?

What makes a youth stand out in a corrupt society, where even unborn children have contracted the ‘get rich quick syndrome’ in their mothers’ wombs? Rather than getting focused at first?
Or does corruption run in the blood? 

We grumble over self imposed problems. We have reversed the adages of old in the name of civilisation.
Everyone dreams of a better Nigeria. We wish for a heavenly Nigeria, free of pain, chaos, war and poverty, but, are we working towards implementing this change?
Year in, year out, the International Youth Day is celebrated with the stereotype manner of approaching issues. We talk and talk yet Actions take time to come.
This year's team is Building a better World: Partnering with youth according to the UN-International Youth Day#IYD. Which inversely means that youths worldwide are ben celebrated, acknowledge as not just the Leaders of the country but the bedrock on which a country development is rooted.
Our responsibilities and obligations can not be over looked in our community, religious society, family among peers and in the Nation at large but of what use is this Trust when we seem unreliable and not up to the task and expectation of many?
What are we waiting for? Are we thinking of something? Does that idea seem vague and not realy clear? Does it sound witty or foolish to you? Have you discussed it with anyone of likemindyou could know or envision its visibility?
Of what use is a vision when not carried out and nurtured just within oneself and at the end of the day goes into thin air? Of what use is the Human brain after undergoing education, experience and no form of practise or specialisation betterstill putting things into ACTION? Its as good as USELESS.
you could do something. Don't seat over the fence wallowing in pain, grumbling, complaining and sobbing over the malpractise of the country, the government, your community Leader, Heads of family and your relatives who are supposed to be of help to you. When they see you doing or attempting to do a jaw breaking project, they sure wil show concern.
All they need to see is the passion and drive in you.
Never let us forget that, the potholed progress of development is worrying in this part of the world.
People are lost to HIV/AIDS and other pandemics on a daily basis. Many are suffering, yet smiling.
Many have died. More will still die, some are dying and for we still alive let's let our been alive worthwhile rather than sitting at the corners of our rooms complaining. Do we leave everything to the government?
As youths, we have to collaborate with stakeholders and develop proposals for the achievement of the Sustainable development Goals to come.
Even as I sit to wonder the present situation of d country I tend to also concur with a colleague that says social entrepreneurs alone cannot change the world. They need artists, volunteers, development directors, communications specialists, donors, and advocates across all sectors to turn their groundbreaking ideas into reality. They need fundraisers, supporters who can change policies, someone to create a brochure describing their work. If everyone wants to start a new organization, who is going to do all the work?
Let's not forget that we need more people in the Business world...lots of Business Ideas yet to be explored...most people like doing what others are doing, have done or intend to do...tilting their prospects in a steroetypic manner with the same of the same approach.
I feel writers have more grounds to break...lots of things and Innovation comes up everyday...not so many want to get involve because they think of the profit they want to make first and not the Pace they intend to Set.
I can confidently say this over and over again 'Journalism is not only a noble profession, it is a necessary profession' you don't need to be a gig to do it adequately...all you need to do is to be Spontaneous.
You are angry about the situation of things in Nigeria, what are you doing about it?
Permit me to say confidentally after this long note that...Yes we Can, Yes We Have and sure as Owolabi Tobi Isaiah of HACEY Health Initiative would say...'Yes we have Done IT' let's make the best out of every second. No Time to Waste Time. HAPPY INTERNATIONAL YOUTH DAY

About Author: Ashogbon Adenike is a young journalist based in Nigeria. She champions ZeroCarbonAfrica.

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