Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Photography vs Photojournalism

Learning the art of photography is a first step towards the practice of photojournalism. Well, here is doffing my hat to all 21st century journalists who know how to work the SLR.

I'm still learning...
This could pass for a landscape photograph

The blur effect ;-)

Winery and tourist castle

GPI's camera (used in taking these pictures)



Another attempt at framing the image

Get the idea?

Farmer's market

Ghanaian entrepreneur at the farmer's market 

He import these baskets from Ghana

One thing I'm thankful for...

...is everyday miracles and victories!!

Alright! I should probably re-activate my flickr account ... Feel free to leave a comment, share links to your photos or best photography website... will love to learn from others! Enjoy

This photography training was made possible by GPI... follow on twitter @PressInstitute and of course the trainer @PaigeStoyer

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