Thursday, September 06, 2012

Speak Up and Speak Out: Media and Movement Building

I finally met the GPI Executive Director, Cristi Hegranes,  for the first time this week- yup, first time meeting since joining the media organization in 2010 (well, technically I started reporting on the news wire in January 2011)! 

Women who inspire other women
It is always inspiring to meet a passionate woman who skillfully adopts a 24/7 approach to work and still consciously create time to enjoy life. Cristi is a delight to work with! She laughs. She innovates. She has successfully, successfully run GPI since 2006 and is still very actively passionate about the vision of her organization- you will see this every time she speaks about GPI and her approach in the way she engages those that work at GPI. She is a strong compassionate and inspiring leader. My friend, Chioma, calles her an amazon.

A strong global and local network
GPI's story is very inspiring. The team members at the HQ as well as the different women working at the different news desk across the world are so committed to raising global awareness by providing strong local news coverage on issues, important issues often ignored by mainstream media. Trust me, it is not an easy feat but the resounding impact each story makes keeps the engine running.

Let your root run deep
You know, these days people just launch an organisation and in a few months start chasing big awards and recognition...well, yeah there is nothing wrong with that- right? But wait until you hear this- Like I mentioned earlier, GPI was founded in 2006 and has spent the past years really building and making a substantial impact. 

The 2012 Grinnell prize shows how allowing one's root to grow deep pays off. This is something we can all adopt in our approach to work and life- focus on the goal and let the foundation run deep! Other things will fall in place at the right time!! Again, I say a big congratulations to Cristi and all at GPI (HQ and 26 other countries where we have news desk)!

At GPI Office. Photo by Maura B

We are still celebrating this new achievement!! Join us! Leave a note of congratulations on the GPI's website , join the celebration on Facebook, and/or make a donation in Cristi's honor by clicking here

Speaking at the EDGE Funders Alliance conference
Oh before I forget, today I will be speaking at the EDGE Funders Alliance conference, along with other incredible panelists- including the GPI founder! 

Here is an excerpt of what the session is all about:
Speak Up and Speak Out: Media and Movement Building Dynamic and strong independent media is necessary for the progress of any social movement for change, including the movements for gender, racial equality, and global justice. Organizations have developed cost-effective strategies to enable people to speak up and speak out on issues and perspectives not previously covered in mainstream media. Join us to gain an understanding of how funders are making media a central strategy, and how they are helping grantee partners to amplify their stories and make waves locally and globally. We will discuss how journalism, radio and film serve to change laws, policies, behaviors and mindsets leading to true paradigm shifts. With: Selly Thiam, None on Record; Cristi Hegranes, The Global Press Institute; J. Bob Alotta, Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice; Jennifer Ehidiamen, The Global Press Institute

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Enjoy the rest of your week! And don't forget, in whatever you do, let your root run deep and other things will fall in place!  

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