Wednesday, September 05, 2012

2012 Ibrahim Forum to be held in Dakar and focus on youth in Africa

"If we don't take care of our future, if we don't make sure that young people are really given opportunities to realise their potential then we cannot hope to develop our continent." - Mo Ibrahim

The 2012 Ibrahim Forum, scheduled to take place in Dakar, Senegal from 9 -11 November will focus on youth and highlight the opportunities presented by Africa's rapidly growing population of young people.

Announcing the theme and venue of the gathering ahead of the United Nations' International Youth Day on Sunday, the Mo Ibrahim Foundation said today that the Forum will bring together leading figures from across the continent and beyond to determine how best to engage Africa's most valuable resource - its youth.

Members of African civil society, the private sector, governments, multilateral and regional institutions, key partners from the international community and a range of young Africans engaged in innovative and inspiring work will gather in Dakar for the 3-day event.

Commenting on the Forum, Dr Mo Ibrahim, Founder and Chair of the Mo Ibrahim Foundation, said "We have chosen this year's topic in recognition of the great potential of African youth and the role they played in the transformative political events of last year, and must continue to play if we are to collectively realise our potential. We hope the Forum can play a role in ensuring that the aspirations of our youth are met."

"The Forum has become a key annual event that gathers a range of influential partners" he continued. "We are delighted to be able to convene this group with the addition this year of a diverse array of informed and inspired young people. I am excited by this opportunity to work with, and listen to, the next generation of African leadership."

The Forum will form the central part of the Foundation's annual Governance Weekend which also features a public event and cultural celebration. The events in Dakar will follow the release of the 2012 Ibrahim Index of African Governance and the announcement of the 2012 Ibrahim Prize for Achievement in African Leadership – taking place on 15 October.

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