Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Goodbye already, cousin mi?

I'm still in shock, dazed by the message about your demise, cousin mi atata (my dear cousin).
When I first saw Bode's tweet, I hoped there might have been a mix up.
I'm afraid Taiwo.
How can you be gone so soon? You, who loved life? Who dreamt BIG? who always showed up and offered yourself so selflessly for a good cause?
Ahn ahn, Lavidarica nko? the rich life?
This was not part of the plan.  There was going to be the group trip, many more "hangouts" and visionary meetings. There was the many weddings of your siblings you spoke so fondly of. And the business ideas you and Bode were polishing. How about the big one with Ayo? You wanted us to revamp BeforeGraduation together. But I was too slow, not as audacious as you are in pursuing what you believed in.
Just a couple of days ago you said pray with me maam. That line is right in my face now. I didn't understand. I was too exhausted to ask for more details, too consumed by my own selfish pursuits to have the long chats we usually have. When you said you were going to be with Gbenga Sesan this week, I thought ok... but now it is not okay.
That was where you were heading right? To serve, selflessly.
You always stood up to be counted. Never one to say no..  always willing to help... You always showed up...even though it was a last minute notice, you always made sure you showed up. All these I took for granted.
Ah Taiwo. Can I dare ask God why?
I'm so devastated. I sought to find relief blogging tonight. But the more I write, the more pain I feel.
I thank God for giving me the privilege to have known you. I just didn't know the last time I would see you would be at the airport. I was on my way to Addis. You said you would come visit. You and Bode. I still remember you, my mum and I sitting at that cafeteria. We were like family. You were closer than family. No wonder the rumour started long ago- people wanted to know if we were dating. Again, you were closer than a date. We didn't even have to venture there because what we shared had more value!
God knows how many times I smiled this year, grateful for best friends like you and Chioma, for being exceptionally patient with me. Now I wish I had called, tweeted, sent you many messages just to say "thank you" for being there.
You always showed up. You never held a grudge. You were so lovable. Ah! All past tense already?
I thank God for the opportunity and privilege to have known you, laughed with you, danced with you, Bode and Layide, traveled around Lagos with you, dreamt with you and many more. It was too short. But thank you.
May you, Ogunyemi Bankole Taiwo, find rest in God.
Goodbye cousin mi atata. I'm so sad... we lost a young gem to a failed system in Nigeria. Our government leaders steal all the resources and tell many lies instead of building good roads and all.
Goodbye cousin mi atata. May God comfort your family. You'll be greatly missed. That is an understatement.


Natha :( said...

I have been in shock since I read your post on facebook this morning J, Taiwo has been on my mind a lot this week, I kept saying I will call, never did. Now I totally can't take in all this because I have this guilt feeling.
I have being hoping since morning that someone will tell us in the course of the day that it has all been a mistake but am guessing this is it now?? All those times he will come to Abuja and ask us to meet but I seemed tOo busy. Kai is this life!!! Just gone in minutes. It is really sad!! This is hard, this is hard!

Anonymous said...

still in shock!

K. said...

Though short in our eyes.... you have inspired many people to live a better life and be vigorous with their passion. I didnt know you, but at the same time I felt I did. I have been crying like I did... because from what I see We lost a Proud Nigerian to Nigeria undeservedly and unnecessarily.

Your little light God gave you, you really let it shine. People saw Jesus in you Taiwo. Rest with Jesus Taiwo. I PRAY for your family and friends. I pray for the many people who have died on that road. I pray for Nigeria.