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Happy Weekend! A colleague sent this to me and asked to help pass it on! Hope you find it useful!! Please share with all the techies (tech-savvy) you know!!

Singularity University and our founding partners are sponsoring a contest designed to identify innovative thinkers and their projects. This contest is open to academics, scientists, and entrepreneurs from Nigeria, who are ready to transform their innovative ideas into reality. This is an exciting opportunity to present your ideas for the future.

The prize: A scholarship to the 2013 Graduate Studies Program (GSP13) at Singularity University in California worth $30,000. This ten-week interdisciplinary program brings together entrepreneurial leaders and top graduate and postgraduate students from around the globe to explore solutions aimed at solving some of the world's most pressing challenges.

The deadline for entries is January 21, 2012.

Assess Official Contest Rules Here:


At least 50 submissions will be submitted
At least 12 submissions will pass the screening stage


Please read carefully through these terms. Refusal or delay in providing relevant documentation regarding these criteria may result in disqualification.


The contest is intended for new, independent ventures and innovations.

The contest is intended for individuals or teams.
A candidate cannot be a member in more than one team.
Team size is unlimited, though teams of 2-4 are recommended.
A team may have professional advisors, consultants, entrepreneurs, or business professionals with relevant expertise. This individual will not participate in the presentation of the plan nor shall in any way win the award or the prize.
A Team must designate a Team leader. The Team leader will be the presenter of the team throughout the contest. In case a Team wins the contest, only the Team leader will receive the SU scholarship. A team leader must meet all Singularity terms and conditions. The team leader will be regarded hereby as "the candidate".
The candidate must be a citizen of Nigeria and must show evidence that he/she is currently resident in Nigeria and has been resident in Nigeria for the last 20 months until the time of submission of the contest application.
The candidate should be a graduate or postgraduate student or entrepreneur.
It is recommended to have a valid US entry permit (Visa) for at least one year. Although this criterion is not required to participate in the contest, the candidate must arrange for a US entry permit in order to receive the SU scholarship prize (SU will provide recommendation/sponsorship letters for Visa interviews )

Concept and Project Types

A project outcome will change for the good the lives of 10,000,000 people in a time period of no more than 5 years from project commence.
A project should be social or scientific and should be about harnessing technology to achieve such a goal.
The project must be original, novel, or otherwise a completely new product or service.
The project must be submitted according to the contest rules and by the submission date.
Late submissions will be disqualified.


Participation in the contest requires competitors to register on the contest website.
In case of a team, a designated Leader will register him/herself and create a team.
Individual team members will register at the contest website and be added to their team by the team leader.
Registered users agree to receive updates regarding the competition, messages, and other communications through the provided email address and phone number entered in the registration process.
Information on registration can be found on the website.
No late submissions will be accepted
Documents must be written in English
A 3 minute video of the project is required as submission for the competition.
Submission of the video and other documentation as specified indicates completion of the registration process.


The judging process of the contest is comprised of 3 separate stages.

Stage 1 – Screening
All submitted projects will be reviewed by two (2) judging committee delegates to evaluate the quality and innovation of the propositions. During this stage no more than 20 projects will be selected to continue to the next stage – Semi Finals.

Stage 2 – Semi Finals
The candidates who qualified the screening stage will be invited to present their project in front of the Judging Committee.

Each candidate will have up to 10 minutes to present the project.
This will be followed by 10 minutes for Q&A by the jury panel.
Presentation will be in English.

Review and Ranking Process
Judges will be asked to review the following criteria, ranked from 1 (low) to 5 (high):

Originality and innovation
Technology – intellectual property issues, novelty, etc.
The Feasibility to impact the Nigerian  society (10,000,000 / 5 years)
Personal obligation and ability to realize the initiative
Candidate personality, skills and record.

The judges will calculate the average in each measurement.
The judges will deliberate on the judging day (while the candidates wait) on the initiatives which received the highest score in at least one measurement.

Candidates will be  informed if they have passed to the next stage.
If a candidate did not pass, the panel will provide constructive criticism.

Candidates who passed to the next stage will be encouraged as the judges see fit, to strive for certain goals until the announcement of the winners. This encouragement comes as suggestions and does not ensure a win.

Six final projects will be uploaded on our website for peer review/comments/votes by registered participants.

Stage 3 – Contest finals event
In the presence of the jury panel  and distinguished representatives, the candidates will present their projects to showcase:

The initiative and its high and positive impact on the national/international level
Any achievements that have been made to promote the initiative
Future plans towards the fulfillment of the project's vision
Enable the contestants to  call for cooperation from the stage, to different groups and/or the general public

The judges will each have three "star tokens": "1 star of initiative", "2 stars of initiative" and "3 stars of initiative" which they will grant to different candidates. The project which receives the most "star tokens" will be announced as the winner, and its representative will receive the prize from a panel of distinguished guests.


Open for Registration – December 6th 2012:

The registration portal will be open for applications. candidates should follow the instructions on the form, fill out the text form and load other documents as required.

Final Submission of Initiatives – January 21st 2013

Final date of submission of online applications.

Screening and Publication of 1st 20 Projects –  February 1st 2013

The best 20 projects will be selected and published on the website. These projects will then move to the Semi Final stage. Registered users will be able to vote on these projects and also comment on how to improve on them.

Finalist Conference and Shortlist of Final 6 Projects – February 15th 2013

In this stage the best six (6) projects from the 20 Top projects will be selected for the finals. The 'Finalists' projects will be published on our website and registered users on our website will be able to vote on and comment on them.

Conclusion of Publication and Voting for Finalists – February 28th 2013

All comments and online voting will be concluded on this date.

 Final Winner Announcement – March 3rd 2013

The final winners will be announced on our web site and also in media houses.

 GSP 13 at Singularity University June  3rd, 2013

The winner attends the GSP13 program at Singularity University, NASA AMES, Moffet Field California USA

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