Sunday, January 30, 2011

Readers-Response to Dis generation column

Just read your article “Vote for Virginity.” I love people like you who promote virginity. I strongly advocate it among young people of our time. I will be glad if you can link me with related organization(s). - Innocent, Kano State.

There were a lot of surprises in the election. Snatching of materials, manipulation and rigging. The election was not free, fair and credible. The praise singers, godfatherism and the sycophants had pave way for the success of the party in power. The election should be nullified due to the whirlwind. I don’t want things to remain like this. - Ogwuche Friday, Kwara State.

Your write up is great and a wake up call to the immoral world. I will like to meet you one day.

On vote for virginity, you tried but you need to simplify it for layman’s understanding if you actually want to pass the information to many. Ride on. One day, you’ll be on top. - Chudy Okeke aka Cemspo, Onitsha Anambra State.

re: Vote for virginity: I think we should preach this message in schools.

Thanks for your love-letter of 16th January 2011 (published) in the Nation newspaper. I have registered but I will not vote again because of what happened in Delta State when the winner of the election was not declared. I don’t want to waste my vote again or can you convince me?

Jenny, please help me tell INEC that most of their thump printing device is not working. -A reader from Iykmore Umueri.

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