Sunday, January 30, 2011

Vote For Virginity

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The decision on whether or not to engage in premarital sex is personal; at least that is how it is communicated these days. With the advent of 3.0 media, premarital sex has become a norm. Peer pressure and the entertainment industry bombard us with all sorts of images and music. In addition, there is the rise of text-sexual culture-“communicating sexually to another person through a cell phone or Blackberry via SMS or MMS text-messaging protocols.”

However, young people like Precious-Promise,  “GENERATIONAL RESCUE” columnist in PM News and Esther Ijewere, the founder of Rubies Ink give hope for the younger generation.  The rest of us, learning from experience, must not relent in mentoring the younger ones on the need to abstain from any detrimental or risky behaviour.

If virginity was a politician, what will be its manifesto?
I, honorable virginity of the Abstinence Party of Nigeria (APN) promise to use my good office to ensure that all who vote for me shall be free from unwanted pregnancy
As part of my responsibility to the electorates (teenagers) who regardless of peer pressure, commercials, music lyrics and movies (opposition party?) still say “YES” to me, I shall protect them from the pain, guilt, shame and regret that is attached to broken sexual relationship. They shall be free from the feeling of being used and dumped. If voted for, I, honourable virginity shall protect the pride of all the electorates… they would be able to walk out of any abusive relationship without feeling at loss…
I honourable virginity shall also ensure that you are free from all sorts of sexually transmitted disease and infections. I shall ensure that your spouse trust you and will be confident of your fidelity and faithfulness to the marital vow even on his/her absence.
-An excerpt from Precious-Promise’ book, Rescue Nuggets for Teenagers.

I, this Temple
I lay it all down.
For my strength has failed me,
from running the race on my terms.
I, this Temple, kneel before Your Throne, shaken.

They tell me it is okay to linger here awhile,
in the dark that is always light before You
and allow the hands of strange children
rest on the bosom of I, this Temple.

But I resist Mr. brute tonight and he flee.
With trembling feet,
I, this Temple, push away from the door of lust.
Broken, I stop to knock on Heaven’s gate.

You know me as I am
please do not raise a stone in my place.
Even when I am a stranger to myself.
Refine I, this Temple, like gold for Your Praise

Let Your Word be omnipresent in my heart
I, this Temple, My body is Your Temple,
Cleanse me and stay
help me guide it jealously for Your glory.

Redeem me lover of my soul,
I, this Temple, want to be Yours without compromise
Cover me with Your wings like a veil
Make my body Your Temple and stay.
(c) Jennifer Ehidiamen

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