Sunday, January 02, 2011

Set yourself up for success!

Keeping in mind the importance of learning from the past, I asked a few youth leaders to identify their high point for 2010…learning from its success and looking forward 2011…

Wait for no one
Esther Eshiet, a human sexuality educator and women and girls' rights activist said: “Wait for no one.” On July 2010, she was conferred with the Moremi Fellowship in Ghana. Moremi Initiative for Women's Leadership in Africa strives to engage, inspire and equip young women and girls to become the next generation of leading politicians, activists, social entrepreneurs and change agents. The initiative yearly selects young girls under 25years of age, who have displayed leadership in different endeavors. For lessons learn in 2010, Esther said “I have learnt to go with my instincts and it has been a decisive year for me. I have high hopes for the year 2011; It will be a spectacular year!" On 2011 cue to other young people, she advised them to read wide, look around and solve a problem, not to accept the status quo but to act differently for a better result.

Giving is living
Femi Aderibigbe, the Executive Director of ImpactHouse on his high point for 2010, “I was invited on the basis of the Civil Society Partnership with Lagos State. So I represented Lagos State Civil Society Partnership- LACSOP.” He was the only youth sitting on the panel, a unique opportunity to work with the Commissioner of Health, and other Directors of the ministry on the 2011 operational plan for Lagos State. Although it was a hectic engagement, he said, “I feel favored to contribute my quota to the process of good governance in Lagos State.” Reflecting on lessons learned in 2010 and looking forward to 2011, Femi advises that we should in 2011 shirk the “what is in it for me” attitude. “The primary mission of man on earth is to give.” Then he added “Youth must discover who they are and the skills they are endowed with- this ought to be the source of their giving…it is more of our essence of living."

God First, then the right people
Chioma Chukwuneta, a professional Accountant wraps up the discourse with her remarkable words “My highest point in 2010 is being commended at the end of my service year (NYSC) for my community development project.” To young people, “my advice is seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and every thing good will be added to you. Stay focused and mix up with the right people.

Be Bold
No matter how ecstatic 2010 was for me, like everyone else, I had a high and low. But, I learned not to waste time mulling over failures. Learn from experience. Be bold. Set yourself up for success and take a leap of faith! Have a fabulous New Year!


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