Sunday, January 16, 2011

Why You Must Register To Vote #RSVP

After 4-hours of waiting for them, the NYSC-INEC team turned-up this morning with long faces. Their laptop ran out of battery yesterday and they were not able to recharge it... What can the masses do? Blame and curse at INEC Chairman? No. We fundraised, bought fuel, hustled for generator in the neighborhood and powered the registration "machine" so that the exercise can continue...
Why You Must Register To Vote #RSVP
- by  Abiola M. Adesanya

Aah! The week ahead is going to be a very dynamic one-- especially because it launches the much awaited “Voters Registration” exercise! I got this very interesting message in my mailbox and thought it will be a good one for you to read too… It is what I’ll like to term “A love letter” to Nigerians- why you must register and vote!

Dear fellow Nigerian,

Are you aware of the INEC Voters Registration exercise coming up between January 15th and 29th, 2011? Are you going to do your part to make change happen and participate?

You may be thinking 'why bother? After all, they will end up rigging the elections anyway. So what's the whole point? I'll just be wasting my timequeuing up in this harmattan haze in order to register to vote. Look what happened the last time'.

But let me ask you - do you just give up on something precious because it isn't working very well? Do you trash it and condemn it or do you try and get it fixed?

Isn't Nigeria worth fixing? Isn't she worth another try? And another and another if that's what it will take? Will we just give up on her and say 'well no matter what we do, it won't work and it won't get better'?

Aren't u tired of the way things are and the fact that things aren't working as they ought to in our country? Aren't you tired of the stigma being a Nigerian brings? Don't you desire and deserve  change for the better? But will that change happen just like that? Is national change possible if we don't first change our individual attitudes, choices and actions? All the great nations in the world today became so because their people were actively involved in and not apathetic towards nation building!

Fellow Nigerian, if we sit back, fold our arms and do nothing, "they" will only continue to plunder, loot, rape and pillage Nigeria for all she's worth. They will only continue to belittle and demean us with their black lies and empty promises and things will get worse, not better.
It is up to us, the true patriots, to do what we can to bring about the change we desire in this country for ourselves and for generations yet unborn. The power is in our hands; let's use it wisely.

Make sure you register to vote come January 15th to 29th, 2011, and encourage others to do so also. Remember, your vote is your voice. Let it be heard. 

For more information and to locate the nearest registration centre to your residence, visit today.

Whatever you do, don't give up on Nigeria!! 

Written by: Abiola M. Adesanya

Hear ye, hear ye...

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