Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Archel Bernard: Encouraging Style And Innovation From Post-War Liberia

You may have read about how young professionals in one African country are relocating to another African country for work. You may have also read an opinion piece here that reiterated why some Africans in Diaspora won’t return home. Today, I’m flipping the coin over and focusing on the young skilled Africans in Diaspora who are taking the bold step to explore opportunities on the continent. One of such is Archel Bernard, the young designer and journalist behind “It’s Archel

Born and raised in the US, Archel packed up after college and moved to Liberia – a country her parents fled during war, to start a new life. According to her, the experience has been “one amazing adventure after another.” Through It’s Archel, this young lady is playing a pivotal role of communicating progress about Liberia and developing small businesses with other female entrepreneurs.

In this interview, Archel sheds light on what inspired her to relocate and how she is building a business from scratch in Liberia. Click here to read more

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