Friday, May 25, 2012

Interview With Ashish Thakkar, Founder Of The Mara Group

British-born Ashish Thakkar, founder and managing director of Mara Group, migrated to Uganda at the age of 12. But he did not relocate to the continent for nothing. Ashish’s entrepreneurial spirit propelled him to start selling computers to friends and his school in Kampala, and before long he founded his first company, Raps. As the years rolled by, so did his penchant for startups. He founded Riley, a manufacturing company believed to make the most modern corrugated packaging plant in East and Central Africa; and Kensington, a real estate business in Dubai and Africa. Talk about serial entrepreneurship!

In 15 years, under the management of Ashish, Mara Group has grown into a globally recognised firm with over 4,000 employees and having operations in 17 African countries.

In addition to expanding his venture’s portfolio across different continents, this young entrepreneur takes giving back very seriously. Through Mara Foundation, The Group has been able to impact over 2,000 students in 2 countries through different initiatives like assisting rural secondary schools; entrepreneurs mentor programs, business incubation centres and venture capital funds.

In his words, “It is very important to give back but give back in a meaningful and impacting manner.”

Ashish who was recently nominated for the Young Global Leaders by the World Economic Forum says he is just getting started! Be inspired by this interview. Click here to read all

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