Friday, May 25, 2012

Taking Advantage Of #Outsourcing Growth In Africa – Interview With Kagem Tibaijuka

Kagem Tibaijuka founded Kagem Tibaijuka & Co, a B2B marketing company based in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania. But, all of her clients are based outside Tanzania. While India is part of the outsourcing boom, companies like Kagem Tibaijuka & Co, customize marketing campaigns for international small businesses in markets such as London and Prague. They are a part of the sudden outsourcing growth on the continent.

According to Kagem, “outsourcing is traditionally seen as something in the IT sector to cut costs but in marketing, outsourcing from a business to business angle can be an excellent way for small businesses to focus on what they do best and allow us to do the heavy lifting for them to ensure that they meet their business goals.”

Kangem Tibaijuka & Co has worked with companies like Peachy Loans, and Signature Car Hire.

“Kagem was contracted to create fashion guides to go on my e-commerce website. I would say it was high quality writing that Kagem provided, it ticked all the boxes in terms of the way I wanted it written. I would work withKagem again on new projects” Matt Seigneur atDesigner -clothes, writes in a testimonial.

“We always put their priorities first which is why clients work with us to create campaigns that will resonate with their buying audience,” states Kagem.

How can more entrepreneurs venture into the business of outsourcing? What business opportunities are there for African countries?

In this interview, Kagem shares her experience and sheds more light on the business of outsourcing and how African businesses can take advantage of the surge. Enjoy! Click here to view the full interview

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