Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Celebrating a rare gem @dayoisrael #HappyBirthday

Some have asked, is he a pastor, youth advocate or a politician? At one point me too was confused. But i figure you are just a bundle of talent with well nurtured skills. Also an epitome of assertiveness. A voracious reader. A leader.

I bless God for the day I found you via Google some seven years ago, brother!! I was a somewhat confused girl, hungry for a change.  Your passion and story inspired me to find my path and today my story is different for good. God used you and your team (GAAVOHCR).

Asiwaju Dayo-Oluwashindara Israel  (Asiwaju Dayo Israel II) thank you for living your life so positively for other young people to emulate! Thank you for giving me, a stranger, an opportunity to be part of that youth camp in Ota! Thank you for always honoring God as your source. Thank you for not tiptoeing through life.

May God increase you. May you never be left stranded. May your light continue to shine brighter and brighter until the perfect day! May your lifestyle be a sweet smelling aroma unto God. May you never forsake His ways.

May God's face continue to shine upon you. May you live love and live long. Your pocket will not run dry ni agbara Jesu!

May God continue to be your source. Even when you stumble, may God always show up to rescue you. May you never grief Him.


You sir, are a blessing to this generation!

Happy Birthday Temidayo Abdulai Israel!!

Grow in grace, great grace!!

The best is yet to come ni agbara Olorun!

The poem I wrote after I met Dayo and his team in 2004/2005:
i surrender! show me a way, a channel,
a route,
through which I could reachout to this
hurting world
and wipe out that tears rolling down her

I know, I know
I must tread only on that part I know well
else I cramp my style with stinking

My wallet is flat tonight
please don't count on that
Still this urge to belong
an undiluted desire to serve
yearns so loudly I can hold back no more

I surrender...

in total submission my heart cry
"use me lover of my soul"
to be a helping hand in my society
to learn to give without asking for anything
in return
to be able to influence others into aiming
for the best
never to try playing god over my peers
to you my king I obediently surrender
(c)Jennifer Ehidiamen

Pictures taken during President Obama's Meeting with Young African Leaders 2010.

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