Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Position yourself... #2013

I did ask my Ethiopian colleague why they were not celebrating Christmas and New Year. Don't get me wrong- Ethiopians do celebrate... But not at the same time with the rest of the world on December 25th and January 1st, respectively.

So while we, in Nigeria, screamed Happy New Year last night, I could imagine my few friends and associates turning over in their bed. January 1 is just another day. They'll wake up, and show up for work.

Wait until January 7th- thats when Christmas rave will go up in the East African country! And New Year's day? It is in September, baby! Yes, come September the good people of Ethiopia will have their turn screaming "Happy New Year" as they transition from 2005 to year 2006. I'll let you know when I successfully understand the Ethiopian time and Calendar.

So this exactly is my point- Happy New Year friends, today can either be another day on your Calendar or the best of time for you to step up your game.

Honestly, we all know our houses did not move any inch today. The stairways did not expand because it is 2013.

We 'll have to position ourselves well and push for the change we want to see. As one of my brothers once said, "nothing will change if no one changes things."

Don't be carried away by all the merry and music. Position yourself for another day to do more and be more. Yesterday's failure is an opportunity to learn to rise again.

What are you willingly to do differently this New Year to achieve a better result?

Get started and learn to bloom where you're planted.

Get started, already!

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