Monday, January 21, 2013

New Tool: How to Calculate Corruption in Nigeria

When corrupt political leaders or “escapade” of corrupt individuals is reported in Nigeria most of the time, the reports are usually punctuated with shocking figures. But these jaw-dropping figures will remain just figures unless translated in a way the average man on the street can understand.

A classic example of what I mean by translating the figures can be found on Ventures Africa’s news portal. In his article, “James Ibori And The Futility Of Public Office Theft,” Fisayo Soyombo wrote:
"Iboris’ confiscated properties, which he amassed through his ill-gotten wealth, amount to several hundred billions of naira! Imagine if Ibori had allocated just N10b to construction of roads in Delta and another N20b to upping the standard of education in the state; imagine if he dedicated N30b to creation of jobs, and, say, N40b to improving the pay package of public service workers. He could have effortlessly channeled N50b into developing agricultural productivity among his people."

Imagine a tool that allows everyone calculate the opportunity cost of corruption in Nigeria. Well, don’t imagine it for long! The tool is here!!

WANGONeT's Corruption Calculator  is a FREE application that helps individuals compute the opportunity cost of the funds siphoned by our leaders. By using the calculator, individuals are able to have contextual comparisons into the actual cost of the stolen and misappropriated funds.

To get started, click here:

A list of different corrupt profiles and the figures they are accused of stealing public funds are available here:

I still maintain that kicking corruption out of Nigeria can only be successful if we start with self. If we are serious about winning the war and liberating our country and resources from the shackles of fraud and greed in all sectors then we must all stand up to the responsibility and start fighting corruption from the very level that we are.

Don't forget to report corruption, no matter what form it is dressed.

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