Monday, January 21, 2013

Getting Creative. Beating Unemployment

The young man says he is not joking with his new skill- driving skill. "I have already started submitting my application," he said.

It is about 8.30am. And we are all waiting for our turn at xxx driving school. Even though we are all here to learn how to drive, the motive driving us to acquiring this new skill is different- just like our faces.

For some, learning to drive is just for fun. For others, it is to give them an edge. Others are preparing for the raining day- incase their driver(s) wake up one day and quit without notice. For the young man, it is to make him more employable. I can imagine a driving job already waiting for him out there! Opportunity meets preparation.

The unemployment statistics will start reducing when young people get more creative in their approach to employability. It is not only one way that leads to the market!

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