Thursday, April 26, 2012

Back To School Hour and Thank You Oluwabusayomi!

I resumed school today, on the 4th day of resumption. And to my surprise the school was still empty. Did they postpone resumption? No. These days, students determine when school should resume- usually one or two weeks after the date the school authorities set. I am one of the students (ashamed to admit) who don't resume school on the first day of official resumption because I know our lecturers will not come to class :-). Well, not their fault. They don't come to class because they know most students are usually absent on the first-second week of resumption. It is is a ping-pong.

Anyway. My being at school today was not a waste of time. I met one of my classmates, who is also a good buddie- Oluwabusayomi. She is a prolific business writer. We spent the day curating stories for Ventures Africa.

The highlight of the day was when she brought this book, Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work, from her bag and wished me a happy resumption. I was like wow! thank you. I can't remember anyone ever giving me a "Happy Resumption" gift :-) Now, this semester is going to be a great one! Thank you so much lady!

I am looking forward to reviewing the book for Readers-Response Journal.

And yes, it is our final semester this year. What can be more exciting? Praise GOD!