Sunday, April 08, 2012

MING! eeerrrr Why black women don't go for "yellow" men :-)

Excited! After what seems like ages, MING's special edition on Lagos is coming out! No, it is out!! Wooot!! Ren put a lot of work into that story. And I enjoyed contributing! Ola was the official photographer! Yes, I am still waiting for him to invite me to model for him o... Free photoshoot :-)

Anyway, back to MING (a magazine based in Hong kong),  the focus of the feature was LAGOS... mega city, Eko Atlantic city, Lagosians (people of Lagos), young business men and women etc. Ignore the title of this post- I culled it from Ren's blog post.

You can read Ren's blog entry after her trip to Lagos by clicking here.
We all knew it. Africa. Africans. The struggling history of slavery, the “next-day-may-never–come” living attitude. The ground-shaking, impoverished scene that charity campaign photos embark. The worst tags are all on this piece of land, and we are no short of hearsay. But what and how on earth is Africa? Who on earth are Africans? How does this piece of continent differ from ours?

And as a follow up she writes:


Finally here. I have been waiting, but now I don’t want to read it at all.
It just reminds me too much of that trip very much unlike all others.
Not that it’s special, the whole experience was just completely beyond my expectation.
How undeveloped the place is but how high the spirits of the people are.
How absurdities are twisted to make sense there.
The only time I bought nothing back home at all.
But in the end – I have high admiration for Lagosian women.
Their spirit was a huge lesson to me.
Feminism is well manifested there.
Now I get the answer of why there are so many black men
with Asian women in Hong Kong, but rarely black women with yellow men.
After all, your life depends on no one but on yourself, so does your homeland....

I never really gave it a thought. Black women don't go for "yellow men" (or white men)? :-)

Anyway, I'm uber-EXCITED to read my article in CHINESE!!

I will let you know when I start taking classes in chinese- until then, keep following my work on VENTURES AFRICA. Peace!

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