Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Bit Of Inspiration [The Video]

We all need a bit of inspiration every now and then. It could be something, a word or someone who re-ignites our passion and faith... or it could be by seeing the progress of others. Yes, these are all good sources of inspiration.

September last year, I interviewed Malik Afegbua the twenty-five years old founder of Slick-City Apparel. It is interesting to learn about this new video that showcases the Slick City collection:

Inspired and eager to launch your idea or brand? Malik says:
"If you are passionate about something, just believe and be focused because people could only limit you for sometime but nobody can stop your shine when your time is right."

But still wondering what to make of what life is throwing your way right now? Don't ponder for two long if you already know that the responsibility lies on you to make the decision that will alter your life for good. Well, here is Ayo Owodunni, giving a toastmaster speech on "DECISION":

In life sometimes,  you don’t need to focus on what place you come in or what you’re ranked. You just need to run the race with your heart. If you give your best, you’ll be your best.”

Click here for "A Bit of Inspiration."

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