Saturday, April 21, 2012

Release Ali @alifakh Fakhry NOW!!! @Najib_Mikati @UNESCONow #Lebanon

Friends! Freedom of expression is drowning in Lebanon! I worked with Ali Latifa Fakhry during the last UNESCO Youth forum. I just learned he has been arrested for defending and protecting the rights of domestic workers.... You and I must do something to ensure that Ali and other young activists are released!!

You don't have to travel to Lebanon to take action. You can start by sending emails to, fax the Prime Minister office in the Sarai on 01983065, also tweet publicly to @Najib_Mikati requesting the immediate release of Ali and Khodor.

Click the link for more info on how freedom of expression is drowning in Lebanon: 

But please don't forget to email and tweet demanding for Ali's release! Merci!!

Read about Ali on 10 Young Journalists to Watch

Speak out! Take action NOW!!!

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