Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Youth. Entrepreneurship. Everywhere.

Youth everywhere, young people in Nigeria are embracing entrepreneurship. From tech innovations to petty trading, using their skills and maximizing opportunities around them- one man's need is another man's business.

Women are not left out. Ren, my friend says in Nigeria there is a high rate of feminism. Maybe it is growing. But, truth is, gone are the days when women will sit at home and wait for the men to bring back daily bread. That ended with our grandfathers, or maybe their fathers' generation. In our time, mum work too.

Children are not left alone. In impoverished homes, kids take to the street to hawk goods to support their parents. Okay this is not right. Children should be children. They should not worry about making a living. Adults are responsible for securing their future.  This population should not make up labour force.

The government leaders, of course, hold a major stake in addressing most social problems. But then, where are they?

Beyond all the unemployment statistics, young people everywhere can take responsibility in securing their future by choosing innovation over pounding the pavement. If they decide to go for full time employment instead, that is a different story entirely.

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