Friday, November 09, 2007

Hello friend!

...Phew! wat a ride that has been... oh I mean, I just finished my second semester! life training as a Journalist has not been easy as its spelling...but am glad...because in the long run it will pay off by God's grace. Nigerian Institute of Jorunalism is a cool place to be! Okay, so now I have got a week holiday before I run off for my internship training now... thankfully, this should be a lot more flexible...hehehe.

I'm still on the One World youth project board, doing my best to make the world a better place, still writing the weekly youth column on THE NATION newspaper... yeah, Dis Generation has come to stay! lol. Thanks to Mr. Lekan Otunfodurin who gave me the rare opportunity to run the column :) We should have more adults like him! God Bless you Sir!

Looking forward to the best which is yet to come! Until then, I choose to keep winning by righteousness! God dey!!!

Meery Christmas in advance friends!!


Going into unfamiliar territory will not destroy your old, comfortable world. Rather, it will expand your world, your vision, your knowledge and your possibilities. The next time you come across a road that you've never traveled -- whether it is an idea, a person, a belief system, or an actual road -- take a side trip and make your world a bigger, more interesting place.

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