Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Writing with LOVE!

In the spirit of the joyful season that is ushering in another glorious celebration of Christmas, here is sharing with you some of the emails from ardent readers of ‘Dis Generation’. Reading from readers is a pleasurable experience, whether it is a note to say well done or a few lines to criticize the column, I appreciate and respect the fact that some people really take time to respond to what they read and share their views!

Boluwatife wrote: hi Jennies, dis is decoded, I would love to know series of thing about your column in the dailies
Salamatu Ama wrote: hi, I like to you this moment because of the Article you wrote on July 1 2007 about "Gentle wind of change" which was much pleased to my understanding and i would like to befriend you and know much about your publication and much advice concerning how one can become something good in future, how to aim at what you would like to do in future and indeed after thorough research in your article I found my self pleased at how a lady really can become something useful at planning. I would therefore like to befriend you as my penpal. Hope you will reply with love. Thank you.
Tayo Olatunde wrote: Hello, I saw your writing on a news paper, so i decided to say hello to you. I love your writing skills. Keep it up!
Olu'mayowa. A.Adeniran, DEVELOPMENT NEWS NETWORK (DNN) wrote: Jenny, I hail you for interest in DIS GENERATION of ours. Bravo, to a young woman, who believe that our generation shall see and enjoy the prosperity of our forefathers...keep it up buddy. I enjoy your articles in the newspaper 'THE NATION every Sunday. I started following from the article titled ' PRESCRIPTION' edition, that you talked about abortion- who to blame? Individual, society or moral trust? Abortion kills...Wetin be 'ONE CHANCE BAG' Jenny? Na one chance bus i know for Lag! but honestly our young women needs to be more careful as they move around do their things. Man! Nigerian youth are 'WAITING FOR THE GOVERNMENT' to do every bits even bath & feed them. I joined you mostly to start mentoring our youth on thinking creatively because possibility thinkers are the ones on top… like you Jenny.
So keep doing your stuffs, people are watching you and you are impacting them, what we all need is to keep encouraging each other and see to our well-being as we move ' DIS GENERATION' to greater height. Keep the good work.GOD BLESS, NIGERIA
My Response: Thanks guys! Yeah, we will keep our passion burning for positive change and by God’s grace, our efforts shall not be in vain. Hope we all shall indeed keep playing our part well, no matter which way the world turns. A special thank you to Mr Lekan Otunfodunrin, THE NATION, for giving this generation a voice in the media. The best is yet to come!

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