Friday, November 09, 2007

Sober Novermber!

November, the 11th month of the year, the month that prompts us to draw out a score sheet to measure how the year has been thus far and giving us a clue of how to take a fire brigade approach if we must, to adjust things/life style before the year runs out or run us down.
The month of November is like being nineteen. At Nineteen you know you are just gone past being a child and on your way to adulthood. But you don’t get the usual euphoria you had at eighteen. Adults see you as a child while children see you as an adult, there you are caught between opinions, but it is how you see yourself that matters most.
Being Nineteen has a sobering effect on one’s life and so does November. It awake that genuine need in us to begin to look at life more seriously, where we stand and ought to be standing. When you look at the past months on the calender, what crosses your mind? Do you measure your life by one of these two criteria- success and failure? If so, then you should not be too much in a hurry to conclude on how well or how bad you have performed this year.
November means, although January to October is gone, you still have the blessings of two months, with possible opportunities to make the best use of what is left of the year 2007. Build on your strength and passion, don’t be afraid to admit your short comings, evaluate the past and learn from your mistakes and success.
It does not matter what page you are on, take out time to thank God for the gift of life! Envision your future, gather momentum, crawl, walk, or take a leap to get there but don’t let your dreams slip through your fingers unaccomplished!

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