Friday, November 09, 2007

Morning Ritual!

Do you have a particular ritual you carry out every morning before you set out for the day's business? By this I mean any practice or pattern of behavior regularly performed in a set manner. It could be a chant you have to recite, a book you have to read, a drug you have to take, a person you have to see... etc. As for me, aside dragging myself out of bed at 4'o clock in the morning (weekdays), having my morning devotion and doing my daily chores, I recently realized that there is a peculiar morning ritual I carry out as a boost of confidence, a good antidote for any weakness.
After I have dressed up for the day, I usually spend about three minutes or so in front of the mirror to examine my look. At this point, 100% of my attention is on what I am wearing and how I look in them. I ask myself: am I dressed in a way I would like to be addressed today? If I should bump into Hilary Clinton (lol) on my way out, will I make a good first impression with my looks? Will the Commissioner of Police's boys find me worthy for their fashion police crew to arrest for indecent dressing? Do I look well prepared to meet any opportunity God sends my way today?
It is not that I am one of those fashionister of the 21st century, no not at all. I wear anything that suits the occasion as long as I am comfortable in them. However, my Penchant for decent dressing is growing by the day, thus I equally enjoy advocating for the need for us youths to imbibe a good dress culture, and continue to dress for success, whatever the weather. We shouldn't allow just anything or anyone dictate how we dress. Be conscious of your dress dress sense well enough to avoid wearing a low waist jeans that exposes everything a normal jeans ought to cover. Guys in this case are not left out of the absurd dress sense we youths sometimes exhibit.
Now back to the focus of discussion, my mirror serves me well in carrying out the ritual because it does not hold back any opinion. I see clearly what needs to be seen as long as the light illuminates it well. Forgetting to carry out this ritual is like a farmer who goes to the farm without any farm tools or like a driver who wants to drive a car without his keys. Although I still succeed in living out the day, it sure is never the same. Anyway, what is your own ritual? It could be an evening ritual, for instance, something you do every night before you go to bed. It could also involve as many people as possible. All the same, whatever your ritual is, keep it tasteful (positive) and unique.

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