Friday, November 09, 2007


"Candidates are not allowed to talk in the examination hall" is one of the famous rules we get during exam. Can one really do without talking during an exam? It can be just to ask your seat partner if she can decode one of the questions you don't understand or being a goody-two-shoes, telling others around you the answers to certain questions. However, for such kind act, thousands of students have been embarrassed, disqualified or worse, arrested during a major examination. In the eyes of the invigilator, you broke one of the rules- you were caught cheating!

I won't really say I am not guilty of talking during an exam, or better explained, I am learning how to break this habit of whispering during exam. I met a group of students who have been obeying the rule of "no talking" and guess what? They also happen to be the best in their class. Although some of their mates think them impossible people who do not want to share what they know with others, but they say they are happy to share their knowledge as long as it is done before examination commence. They don't have to stand the risk of falling into depression at the end of the day when those who ask get better result due to their expertise in combining effort- what they know+what you told them = better marks.

What an admirable standard to emulate! But of course one have to work extra hard to keep up such standard. Most people believe examination is not a true test of one's knowledge, but obeying simple rules does not start and end in the exam hall. It builds one's confidence, character and earn you respect. Moreover, at the end of the day, you are able to accurately measure how good or bad your attempt is in a do-it-yourself exam... so remember to obey the golden rule when next your sit for your next test or exam- NO talking!

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